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wpc vinyl flooring

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Product Name: wpc vinyl flooring
Supply Ability:
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Specifications 5.5*178*1220
Price Term: FOB,CNF,CIF
Port of loading: shanghai
Minimum Order 3000sqm
Unit Price:

1. environmental health: the main raw material for the non-toxic renewable PVC, and the main components of the sheet is not containing any radioactive elements in natural powder, thus ensuring that the WPC wood plastic base lock floor products environmental health.
2., strong wear resistance: WPC wood plastic base lock flooring products have processed tran***rent wear-resistant layer, wear-resistant revolution up to 300000 rpm, in the larger flow of shopping malls, hospitals, etc., are excellent ground decoration materials.
3. high elastic and super i***ct: WPC wood based products lock floor of high elasticity, i***ct resistance is strong, not only makes the ground loss, and people walk on foot feeling comfortable.
4.: non slip wear layer WPC wood base lock floor surface skid resistance, even wet skid resistance is also very strong, water Yu acerbity.
5. waterproof moisture-proof: WPC plastic wood lock flooring products are the main component of vinyl resin, not afraid of water.
6., flame retardant: in line with national standards of PVC flooring products, fire resistance can reach B1 level.
7. sound absorption and noise reduction: WPC wood plastic base lock flooring products sound-absorbing up to 20 decibels, very suitable for cinemas, libraries and other places.
8., antibacterial strong: WPC plastic wood based locking floor surface antibacterial agents, floor connections for locking, dense, seamless link, effectively inhibit the ability of bacterial reproduction.
9., easy to install: no need to use cement mortar, and do not need to play keel and other tedious procedures, especially in the ground conditions are not ideal, the ambient temperature can not reach the situation.
10., a wide range of colors: WPC wood plastic lock floors, not only many types of colors, wood, stone, carpet patterns and other colors, but also private customization, to meet the needs of consumers.
11. heat conduction and thermal insulation: WPC wood plastic base lock floor has good thermal conductivity, and the heat dissipation

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